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The Advisory Committee is a standing committee consisting of one designated individual from each accredited entity as established by the Board of Directors in accordance with the By-Laws of the National Board on Fire Service Professional Qualifications.  The purpose of the Advisory Committee is to advise the Board of Directors on procedural and policy issues as well as improvements to the system.  Persons selected to serve on the Advisory Committee are appointed by their Accredited Agency and are know as “designated individuals’” as defined below: 

The Advisory Committee elects one member from the Committee to serve as its Chairperson; and that person also serves as an ex-officio member on the Board of Directors and a member of the Committee on Accreditation.  The Chairperson is elected for a three year term and may be re-elected to consecutive terms. 

The Advisory Committee elects six members from the Committee to serve on the Committee on Accreditation (COA).  Each elected member serves a three year term and may be re-elected to consecutive terms. 

The Advisory Committee meets annually at a time and place designated by the Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors may also call special meetings of the Advisory Committee.

 Advisory Committee Eligibility Policy 

For the purposes of this policy, a designated individual is defined as (in order of succession):

  1. The Agency Director as indicated on the accredited agency’s COA-1, Application for Accreditation, or as amended;

  2. The COA-1 specified “Contact Person”; or,

  3. In their absence, a person designated in writing by the Agency Director.

 The Designated Individual:

  1. is the official spokesperson for the agency during the Advisory Committee meeting;

  2. is entitled to vote on behalf of the agency; and

  3. is eligible for Pro Board stipends and/or reimbursements when such stipends and/or reimbursements are approved by the NBFSPQ Board of Directors. 

Attendance at Advisory Committee meetings is open to any interested parties.  Participation in Advisory Committee meetings is restricted to designated individuals and to other persons that the Advisory Committee Chair recognizes. 

In order for a person to be eligible to be elected as an Advisory Committee representative to the Committee on Accreditation (COA),  the person must be the Agency Director of an Accredited Agency, the Contact Person of an Accredited Agency or be proposed as a candidate, in writing, by the Director of an Accredited Agency to the Chairman of the Advisory Committee before the elections are held or at the time nominations for the position are requested.


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