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Maryland Fire Service Personnel Qualifications Board

NFPA Standard


Levels to which Agency is Accredited

Firefighter 1001 Firefighter I, II
Driver/Operator 1002 Pumper, Aerial, Tiller, ARFF,  Mobile Water Supply
Airport Firefighter 1003 Airport Firefighter
Marine Firefighter 1005 Marine Firefighter
Rescue Technician 1006 Rope Rescue I, II, I/II; Trench Rescue I, II, I/II; Confined Space Rescue I, II, I/II; Surface Water Rescue I, II, I/II;  Structural Collapse I, II, I/II; Swift Water I, II I/II; Vehicle Extrication I, II, I/II
Fire Officer 1021 Fire Officer I, II, III, IV
Fire Inspector 1031 Fire Inspector I, II, III;  Plans Examiner I, II
Fire Investigator 1033 Fire Investigator
Public Fire Educator 1035 Public Fire Educator I, II, III; Public Information Officer
Fire Instructor 1041 Fire Instructor I, II, III
Public Safety Telecommunicator 1061 Telecommunicator I, II
Haz Mat/ WMD Pro Qual 1072 Awareness; Operations; Operations Mission Specific: PPE, Mass Decon Technical Decon, Evidence Preservation, Product Control, Dection/Monitoring/ Sampling, Victim Rescue and Recovery, Response to Illicit Laboratories; Technician; Incident Commander
Haz Mat 472  Awareness; Operations Core; Operations Mission Specific: PPE & Product Control; Technician; Incident Commander
FD Safety Officer 1521

Health and Safety Officer

Incident Safety Officer: Fire Suppression, Technical Rescue, Haz Mat Operations


Ronald G. Hassan

Maryland Fire Service Personnel Qualifications Board

c/o Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute

4500 Campus Drive

College Park, MD 20742

Telephone: 301-226-9935

Email: Ronald Hassan



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