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 Web Based Application System

The Pro Board Web Application System is designed for and is restricted to those eligible public sector agencies who are accredited,  seeking to become re-accredited, or who wish to extend their accreditation.

If you are NOT the designated contact person for an Accredited Agency, do not apply for an Account using this system. 

If you are seeking information concerning your agency becoming accredited please contact Accreditation Manager Fred Piechota at he will provide guidance and advise when it is appropriate to set up an account for the online application system.

If you are an individual seeking information regarding a certification that was awarded by a Pro Board Board Accredited Agency, DO NOT apply for an Account using this system use this link:  Certification Search

 In either of these circumstances, your account application will be rejected.

If you do not fall into any of those categories but wish to obtain information regarding the Pro Board please contact Accreditation Manager Fred Piechota at
If you are an existing Pro Board Accredited Agency seeking to create an online account or if you are a new agency seeking to be accredited and have corresponded with Accreditation Manager Piechota who has approved your agency for participation in the Pro Board System please continue by clicking here:

Web Based Application System

Web Based Application System Training Video



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